Digital Therapeutics made simple

RMDY’s SaaS platform powers Digital Therapeutics and patient engagement programs for leading healthcare organizations

RMDY transforms the way you connect with your patients

Our partners use our SaaS system to design, build and transform their white-label digital health strategies for chronic disease management, onboarding, wellness and population health.

So far, we’ve helped make that possible across a range of disease states and conditions including diabetes, DPP, heart health, HIV, oncology and obesity.


“The Engaged Patient is the Blockbuster Drug of this Century”

At RMDY we help healthcare organizations bring their clinicians, support programs and content to patients online.

Our flexible digital therapeutics technology takes the complexity out of going digital.


Use our tools and AI Engine to drive engagement and outcomes


RMDY offers a flexible cloud platform to design your digital health program. Add content, configure trackers, forms, connect with wearables, turn on rule engine triggers, assign coaches and patients, and go.


Rich patient programs enable patients to follow their personal plans with ease. Plans may include self reported tasks,  a wide-range of trackers, form, surveys, patient education content and eLearning, and integration with wearables and devices.


Coaches analyze patients’ behavior and engage patients through a wide-range of communication capabilities that include chat, telehealth audio or video and group discussions. Automation and AI offers coaches and patients with automatic recommendations and insights.

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