The RMDY Platform was built from the ground-up to meet the unique needs of healthcare companies


Life Sciences

RMDY complements pharmaceutical patient support programs to engage patients, clinical trial participants, and target audiences online. Rapidly and easily develop white-label digital therapeutics initiatives custom-tailored to your brand to guide treatment experiences, support self-management and improve adherence.

  • Dynamically guide users throughout on-boarding, training and care management processes
  • Align available education, content and support resources with individual health journey experiences
  • Offer patient lifestyle and condition trackers, connected to consumer wearables or regulated medical devices
  • Continuously support and engage users to support evolving care management needs
  • Deliver target messaging, tools and content based on user behavior and insights
  • Collect and analyze self-reported user data to demonstrate treatment satisfaction and outcomes

Medical Devices

Onboard and engage device users with robust, high-touch mobile apps that synch with any device to offer guidance and support as they onboard, activate and navigate treatment. Built-in coach management features enable care teams and support staff to automatically manage and address evolving health journey experiences to build user comfort and confidence.

  • Seamless integration with devices using cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth or NFC communications
  • Complete digital dashboard increases call center efficiency and effectiveness responding to device-user needs
  • Timely medication reminders, self-management tools, and tracking and ongoing personalized information and guidance Track patient progress towards personal care management goals

Payers and Care Management

Guide users towards healthcare and wellness goals on their terms. RMDY helps stakeholders engage health care consumers in their own care plans by enabling a seamless, two-way digital connection between consumers and a coach who can help.

  • Deploy telehealth, messaging and group support features across any consumer-facing website or mobile app
  • Assign one-on-one coaches to provide consumers with continuous feedback around their care plans
  • Scale clinical intervention efforts, through real-time prompts, messaging and alerts
  • Activate chat, video and audio communication channels between users, guided groups and coaches
  • Automatic push notifications and multi-channel messaging remind and motivate users to stay on track


Enroll patients in continuous digital care programs to improve efficiencies and support better outcomes through individual and population health management. RMDY’s turnkey platform solution helps specialty care providers and health systems connect with key consumer segments online to efficiently deliver ongoing care coordination and real-time clinical intervention across any disease state or therapy.

  • Drive positive, measurable behavior change across chronic disease management programs
  • Deliver a wide range of self-management and support services to help users embrace healthy habits and efficiently track and manage their conditions
  • Track and support key patient segments with resources optimized for disease prevention and behavior change
  • Connectivity with patient EMRs

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