Every year we go to HIMSS is another year we feel proud to be in the midst of companies and organizations innovating health care, as we know it.

Here are just a few more things we noticed:


#1 – Digital Health is not about pilots anymore!

Experimenting with digital has given way to full out acceptance that digital is now a “must have” ingredient for any basic health service. Similar to what the Internet has done for banking, Uber for mobility, or e-commerce for shopping, digital is doing for the delivery of care. In 2018 providing health services via “analog” alone no longer holds.

We don’t even need to call it Digital Health. It’s now just how health is done.


#2 – Phone calls (and call centers…) are going the way of the fax.

It’s taken long enough but soon, call centers will join the fax as an outdated mode of communications. Today’s empowered consumers expect high-end interactive experiences and are actively seeking out the perfect app, tracker or online system to support their needs. As improving the patient experience takes center stage, digital will continue displacing the phone – and even the old inefficient patient portal – as the main channel for reaching and supporting patients on their terms.


#3 – Healthcare providers are realizing they can’t ignore the patient.

Pretty much since the beginning, using technology to improve efficiencies or clinical workflows has been the primary focus of digital platforms for health. But as providers, payors and care teams joined the digital party to benefit from big data, analytics and other technology advantages they forgot all about the patient. This is changing but there is still no last mile solution for addressing the patient side.


 #4 – Big Pharma is turning to Digital Health.

As recently as a year ago, pharma companies were still hesitant about connecting directly with their patients. As the FDA continues to embrace digital innovation, pharma is gaining both experience and confidence navigating regulations to forge connections and communities. Patients are the obvious winners as companies look to adapt and develop digital services to complement their treatments across the patient journey. It’s exciting to consider what’s next now that pharma has joined the party. Welcome aboard!


With all this great momentum, we can’t wait to see what the next HIMSS – and ongoing developments in between! – will bring for health stakeholders and their patients.