An innovative concierge health service, Betr Health recognized the opportunity to develop a digital program to bring their life-changing program to patients remotely across the United States. Betr’s time-tested digestive therapy protocol repairs patients’ guts allowing better utilization of fats, carbs, and proteins while reducing acidity, inflammation, and increasing immunity. In March 2016 they turned to RMDY to “digitize” their methodology for helping patients – reducing toxic fats, poor sleep, low energy, craving and medications. In 2017 their digital program became a CDC Approved Diabetes Prevention Program.


The Betr team is quickly transforming the digital health space, using the RMDY solution to manage their patients and bring their life-changing program to more patients across the US. Personal coaches work with patients daily, provide them with a family friendly plan for eating at home or on the go and helping them reach their weight loss goals and maintain them. An app on their phone allows patients to view their clear eating plan and grocery list, share pictures of daily meals, chat with their health coach and community, track mood, sleep, meds and symptoms.

See the infographic below for Betr’s latest success metrics in driving patient engagement and success in diabetes prevention.  To learn more about Betr Health visit